The château and its team

Château de REIGNAC is ideally situated at the confluence of the Dordogne and Garonne Rivers (the “Entre Deux Mers”). REIGNAC offers a unique quality, that of reuniting the best types of terroir of both the Right and the Left Banks in a single estate.

Reignac offers the best Bordeaux quality price ratio, confirmed by blind tasting by European Grand Jury and scores awarded by the world’s leading tasters. Qualitative consistency of our wines results from our obsession for quality and our great terroir.

The original Château was built by Seigneur Baude de Peyron in the 16th century. Remodeled in the 18th and 19th centuries. A remarkable greenhouse was designed by Gustave EIFFEL, the man who created the tower that bears his name in Paris. Yves and Stephanie Vatelot, purchased REIGNAC in 1990 and have worked continuously ever since to restore the state to its former glory while introducing numerous innovations. The very talented Michel Rolland is their consulting oenologist.

Constant improvement :

1990 : Acquisition by Yves and Stephanie VATELOT.

1993 : Lake creation to prevent frost and design a magnificent landscape.

1996 : Elaboration of the REIGNAC “cuvée” rated 90/100 by Parker and ranked among the first 50 best Bordeaux.

1998 : Creation of an amazing tasting room in our 16th century tower.

2000 : REIGNAC was rated 92/100 by Parker

2002 : Elaboration of BALTHVS with the purchase of 3Ha totally planted with old Merlot and exclusively vinified in new oak barrels using the patented Vatelot method.

2005 : Temperature and hygrometry controlled in Bottle storage.

2006 : Creation of a new viticol effluent process that respects the environmental integrity.

2009 : Collaboration with JP Cousinie, a nutritional vine specialist to orchestrate treatment according to the need of each vine.

2010 : Bamboo plantation to process vinicol’s effluent.

2011 : Plantation of 3 hectares (2 ha Merlot and 1ha of Cabernet).

2012: Construction of a new storage cellar

2014: Creation of a landscaped park program, study for a renewal plan for green spaces and surrounding areas

2015: 75% of the property is now in mechanical work processes

- Winner of Best Of Wine Tourism “Architecture & paysage”

- Creation of a shop space for visitors.

2016: Winner “Best Of Wine Tourism” GOLD category Innovation and discovery for our course “the garden of scents”. Creation of a discovery tour to live a unique experience that will awaken the olfactory and gustatory senses, allowing the aromas of white and red wines to be identified.

- Creation of a reception room

2017: Purchase of a very pretty hillside with a view to planting Cabernet Franc in 2018, major rip-rap work to prepare for this planting, resting the soil with suitable sowing.

- HVE “High Environmental Value” certification. In France, the High Environmental Value is the highest of the three levels of environmental certification for farms.

2018: Winner “Best Global Best Of Wine Tourism” in Valparaiso Chile “Innovation and Discovery” category for highlighting our communication and our desire to share our passion.

- Renovation of the vat room - new thermoregulation for better monitoring of energy savings - installation of six small inverted conical vats allowing vinification as close as possible to the plot

2021: Launch of the Reignac Shop in the United States